- Jazz for Sleep and tennis to save the day.

- Paul Johnson’s (RIP) IG popped up on my feed, surprisingly. Some people are hosting a birthday tribute on Twitch, and I decided to put in the background while working to break up the programming. There’s a lot to…

- Recovery day after the New Year’s weekend. Ran errands, including buying a backup USB for DJ’ing and exporting current playlists to it.
- Need to look further into the discography for Dr. Banana and Kiwi (UK Garage labels), Alchemist beats, amongst other releases.

- Jazz for Sleep day…

- Spent the day out and about with a friend, catching up and talking while walking around and getting drinks. Felt really nice to get out in between all the rain.

- Jazz for sleep, and napping on and off after work.

- Figured out an issue in…

- Upgraded the RAM from 16GB to 32GB on my iMac. Came out to about ~$78.
- Replaced my existing USB-A based USB hub with a new USB-C type hub also has USB-C ports. This was ~$64.
- Bought an iLok USB-C key for use with iZotope plug-ins. With shipping this was…

- Felt like poop.

- lofi hip hop radio on the background.
- Listened to this beat tape. Frank Dukes sounds like background music I’d be listening to at a hipster shoe store with French inspirations.
- Listened to Grafh’s “Stop Calling Art Content”. Saw him open for Benny the Butcher…

- Work work work work work.

- Upgraded from iPhone 8 Plus to iPhone 13 Pro Max. Need to put more drum & bass on the phone for the car.
- Caught a little bit of Junoflo’s IG Live where he previewed some songs from the vault and shared a…


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